Our Mission

Pandaa Toothbrushes is centered around the idea of reducing plastic usage around the globe. We believe the issue of plastic toothbrushes is not being talked about enough. Just to give some perspective over 2.75 million plastic brush are thrown away each day! This is a saddening fact that haunts our whole team at Pandaa Toothbrushes. If  just 1% of all toothbrushes purchases switched from plastic to bamboo that would equate to millions of pounds of plastic waste reduction.

Pandaa Toothbrushes strives to make a change in the world not only with our bamboo brushes but also with our profits. Which is why we pledge to donate $1 for every bamboo toothbrush we sell to an ocean conservation charity. In the coming weeks we will announce a the charity we will be partnering with as we move towards a cleaner future. Our goal is to help solve the problem of disposable plastics but also to fix the damage that has already been done.  

We strongly recommend taking a look at a National Geographic article on the topic of plastic toothbrushes. This problem requires more recognition.  Stay tune for the weeks to come as we have some exciting news!